Pellet cooker with a coloured
or stainless steel lining
suitable for use as a built-in cooker


  D i m e n s i o n s  L 60 - D 60 - H 86/96 cm   
  Heatable m³   max 200 - min 60  
  Power  introduced 9,9 kW - nominal 7,5 kW  
  Thermal yield  7 6 %  
  Weight   1 1 5 kg  
  Fuel type pellet Ø 8 mm  
  Hopper capacity   1 3 kg  
  Exhaust outlet   Ø 8 cm  
  Hourly consumption   min 0,9 kg/h   max 2 kg/h  
  Consumption   9 8 W  
  Autonomy   min 8 hours - max 15 hours  
  Decibels   min 40 dB - max 52 dB  
  Packaging volume   0,5 m³  
  Top or back exhaust outlet    
  Built-in cooker with oven for cooking    
  Interchangeable silicone rubber gasket    
  Instant ash collection    
  Electronic card    
  with weekly programming    
  Room thermostat  
  Filtered air  
  Double glass doors  
  Pot-fall prevention edge  
  Radiant element cooktop,  
  special heat resistant material  
  Wheeled, for easy extraction  
  Remote control included  

Optional: Stainless steel top